The mission of the Fort Loudoun State Historic Area living history program is to recreate the life and times of Fort Loudoun and the Cherokee village of Tuskegee, 1756-1760. Consequently, a program is created that serves to educate the visiting public.


1) Visitors are welcome to participate in any program but must be dressed appropriately for the French and Indian War period.

2) Visitors who attend more than two events per calendar year will be considered recruits.

3) Recruits are asked to portray a role pertinent to the history of Fort Loudoun and/or Tuskegee. There are six categories:

A. Independent Company of South Carolina

B. Provincial Regiment of South Carolina

C. Postell’s Construction Company

D. Campfollowers

E. Cherokee of Tuskegee

F. Specialists-(Engineer, trader, Missionary, etc)

4) Final membership is subject to approval by existing group members

General Guidelines

1) Members and visitors are to maintain strict authenticity standards 24 hours a day; commencing upon arrival/setup until conclusion of the program at 2 PM on Sunday.

2) An 18th century aesthetic is to be maintained at all times by members and visitors. All anachronisms are to be kept out of sight at all times.

3) Footwear for men, women and children is to be appropriate to the 18th century.

4) Eyeglasses are to be of an 18th century style.

5) Be willing to interact with the public to share knowledge and information.