There are numerous possibilities of what you and your group/students may experience when within the palisades of historic Fort Loudoun. During the fort’s active years (1756-1760) you would have found soldiers, women and children participating in numerous activities that you may wish your group to experience for themselves. We are happy to oblige!

Your group will meet with a member of our park staff dressed in the red wool uniform of the British army. Recruits will be told the requirements of those wishing to enlist in the King’s service, given an explanation of the uniform, rations and equipment, march through a military drill that those at Fort Loudoun would have performed, and see our soldier fire a flint-lock musket. Is your group ready to be one of the Independent Company of South Carolina’s finest? Huzzah!

We are excited to be able to provide your group/class with a one-of-a-kind experience here at Fort Loudoun State Historic Area. Contact our park office to schedule your guided group tour and let us take your group back in time.