Stephanie Stephens Baker

Had a wonderful day yesterday viewing the eclipse. The staff did a great job with such a large amount of people. The drive from Knoxville (it took us 2 hours) was absolutely worth it!

Chris Shorty Rogers

It’s one of my favorite places to walk the trails in the woods. U can see alot of deer & sumtimes turkeys during the fall time. It’s open year round & pretty cool 2 walk thru the fort especially when they do the reenactment.

Ed Eiseman

I have been to Fort Loudoun Historic Area multiple times. First for curiosity and with family, then the fall trade festival (2017 & 2018), most recently (June 2019) with my kayak and paddled around the island. Beautiful area and facilities, extremely helpful truly interested and friendly staff, the fort history is captivating and the re-creation…

Sharon Stevens

I only visited here one time but would LOVE to go back! If you’re interested in history, it’s definitely worth the drive. I wasn’t looking for it that day, just driving and looking, but I’m sure glad I happened to see the sign!!

Tonya Wilson

This is a beautiful place to spend the day and so very peaceful. The history here is humbling. We were here today and it couldn’t have been better. I used to go here with my dad when I was young and to see it today brought back a lot of memories and it’s just as…

Rick Woolard

I love this place…Eric, Will, Tammy, and staff are the best. You can tell they love the Fort and sharing it’s unique story with visitors…Do Not miss this place when looking for some place to take the family.

Jessica Baldwin

We have been coming here for years! such and beautiful and peaceful place to come and escape from reality for a while.

Anita Schack

Took our kids when they were young and now that we have a grandson, we are going to start taking him. Today was the first day we took him and he loved it, was asking questions and kept saying “wow”. He wants to go again and he is only 4 years old. Can’t start them…

Joey Bailey

This park is one of the best places to visit in Tennessee and the USA. It gives history while having the best lake, picnic areas, and the Visitor Center is full of good stuff too. My family and I have visited it numerous times, keep up the good work.

Eric-Lisa Delgado

Restoration of the old fort is amazing!

Donna Johnson

Fort Loudoun is an amazing place to visit, very peaceful

Linda George Christen

This park has excellent picnic areas, including a covered pavilion which can be reserved for groups. Our favorite spot is one of the tables along the lake. A visit to Fort Loudoun is a definite must. In fact, one should visit when they have a re-enactment with Indians and everything! Trails through the park are…

Vanessa Morgan

Great fun today! Knowledgeable and friendly. Met some amazing artists.